Advanced Teacher Training

Unraveled Yoga offers various Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings throughout the year, available to instructors who have already completed a 200 hour program.  Advanced Trainings are structured into topic specific 50 hour modules.  Completion of 6 different Advanced Modules will qualify teachers for a 300 hour certification.  Together with a previous 200 hour certification, this will also qualify teachers for a 500 hour certification.

creative sequencing module

Teachers will learn unique ways to add creative movement, mudras and music into their vinyasa flow class sequencing. Expect to explore and be inspired by all aspects of movement through yoga, flow, dance and beyond....and prepare to have boat loads of FUN!  Email to enroll.

advanced yoga teacher training creative sequencing

Dates: November 24 - 29th, 2019.

Times: Sunday 4-7pm, Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

Price: R9,000. R8,000 before November 1st.

bhakti module

In this module we will explore the tenants of bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion).  Specifically, we will enter the world of yoga mythology through storytelling, yoga mantras through chanting and singing, and the anatomy of sound through various sound journeys.   

advanced yoga teacher training bhakti module

Dates: February 2 - 7th.

Times: Sunday 4-7pm, Weekdays 8am-5pm.

Price: R9,000. R8,000 early bird before January 15th.

ayurveda & living practices module

Join us for a dive into this ancient wisdom that empowers us to take charge of our personal wellness and self care.  In this training we will cover basic Ayurvedic principles to help guide you and your students in appropriate asana, pranayama, diet, essential oils, daily ritual and other lifestyle choices that are right for you! 

advanced teacher training ayurveda and living practices cape town yoga

Dates: TBD 2020.

Times: Sunday 4-7pm, Monday - Friday 8am-5pm.

Price: R9,000. R8,000 before April 15th.

mentorship module

This module will take a dive into the world of functional anatomy and hands on assisting.  Teachers will learn to look as asana through an anatomical lens and practice safe and effective ways to assist students.  Email for more details.

At anytime, teachers can apply to participate in our Mentorship Module program.  Our Mentorship Module is an 8 week program for current teachers who are seeking more personalized and hands on guidance and experience.  This is a 50 hour Advanced Module and counts towards completion of a 300 hour program.  R8,000.  Email for application details. Mentorship Module includes:

  • 1 hour orientation and goal setting meeting with your assigned mentor

  • Weekly 1 hour meetings with your mentor and assigned personalized homework

  • Assisting 1 Unraveled class each week with a senior teacher, followed by class debrief and discussion

  • Teaching 2 Community Flow classes at Unraveled (mentor will attend at least one and provide feedback)

  • 2 months of unlimited yoga at Unraveled during the duration of the program

  • Completion of 2 unique, creative and authentic flow classes created in collaboration with your mentor

mentorship module advanced yoga teacher training cape town

find your flight

Get ready to go upside down, inside out and learn to FLY!  This module will focus on all things arm balance and inversion related.  Teachers will look at arm balancing anatomy, using props, sequencing classes and personal practices to help lift your students up...literally.  No previous arm balancing experience is necessary, as long as you are open to turning yourself upside down :)  Email to soar.

find your flight inversions and arm balance advanced yoga training

Dates: TBD 2020.

Price: R9,000. Early bird R8,000.

yoga cape town teacher training yoga alliance 200 hour