New to yoga?

Never been to the studio or to yoga at all before? Great, come and see what it’s all about! Your first week is free and we have everything you need at the studio – locker rooms, mats, towels, water and good vibes. So bring yourself and prepare to unravel!

A few nice to knows beforehand:

  • We offer 3 FREE Flow Basics classes each week designed especially for you! Starting with this class is the perfect way to slow down, get a handle on the lingo and share the space with fellow beginner yogis. If you're more of the jump-right-in kind of person, pop in to any class any time and flow at your own pace...all bodies are welcome all the time!

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early – all of our classes start promptly on time and rushing is never fun!

  • Wear comfortable, gym style clothes that you can move in.

  • You can bring your own mat and towel, or rent ours for R40.

  • Always move at your own pace.

  • If you are inflexible, intimidated, uncoordinated, unfit, or any other "un" – don’t worry you are in good company! Take a deep breath and come have some fun.

  • The rest is just details, and we will help you figure it all out. You can call us to chat if you have other questions or just need some more convincin3