Holiday Schedule - Here We Come 2019.

Dear Unravelers,

Are you starting to feel the silly season fever? Don't forget your yoga to keep you grounded and sane and see it through. We are open through the holidays but do have a modified schedule. Please see our holiday season schedule below, pick one up at the studio, or save a tree and bookmark our schedule page below.

holiday schedule 2019 yoga cape town

In other news, our 200 hour teacher training enrollments have begun! If you're intrigued, give us a shout. Don't want to be a teacher? Still give us a shout. Teacher training is designed to give you time and space to delve deeper into your understanding of yoga and of yourself. Whether or not you're interested in teaching, this will be an invaluable and transformative experience that you deserve. Together we will explore yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, meditation, alignment, sequencing, movement, music and so much more. If you need some more convincing, click on the poster below for more details or give us a shout anytime.

TT_2018_180418_A3 Print CMYK JPEG.jpg

Training is a 6 week part time program, accessible to full time workers, starting February 26th that meets every Tuesday & Thursday evening 6-8pm and every Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm. Early bird pricing ends in January, so be sure to catch your early bird special R22,500 before then. If you're in, you know what to do below.

We look forward to flowin' right into the New Year with you and love having you around. Please feel free to email us anytime with any comments, questions or concerns and hope to see you soon!

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam