Pour Some Sugar on MAY!

Dear Unravelers,

Are you looking to spice your May up a bit? Have you ever heard of Nada Yoga? Budokon? We have all sorts of exciting new things a happenin' so take a gander down below to get involved and experience something NEW this month.

Nada Yoga, also known as the Yoga of Sound, is considered to be the emanation of any tone, frequency, or vibration. It is a metaphysical system based on the belief that the cosmos and all that exists, consists of sound vibration. The practice of Nada Yoga is said to be the most direct path for reconnecting the human being with the essence of their soul; creating harmony through the transformation and recalibration of vibration within the body. Wow. This class aligns breath, posture, movement and sound through the framework of yin and vocal - toning.

Budokon Yoga is a movement practice that incorporates yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, meditation and animal locomotion. This strong, fluid and playful practice allows students to honor both the warrior and yogi within. Want to give it a try? Join Ash for a 2 hour workshop that will move through the Budokon Primary Series. This workshop is for anyone curious about Budokon or wanting to try something fun and different to add to their movement pool.

Only 1 more week to nab our Early Bird pricing for our upcoming Advanced Teacher Training - Creative Sequencing Module.

This training is a fan fav as we get out of the box, explore our own creativity through movement, mudras and more, and construct creative and intelligent flows through our signature sequencing. This week is guaranteed to be fun and inspiring... get in before May 15th and save R1,000!

Please don't hesitate to send any questions, comments or concerns our way anytime. We love hearing from you and look forward to seeing you on the mat soon again!

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam