creative sequencing


Dear Unravelers,

We hope you are well and had a long and enjoyable holiday weekend, because we certainly did :)  And now we're ready to get back to it and gear up for ALL of our upcoming trainings.

For anyone who has already completed a 200 hour teacher training program, Unraveled Yoga now offers you continuing education modules throughout the year.  Each module is topic specific, 50 hours long, and accrues toward a 500 hour teacher training certification. 

Our next Creative Sequencing training will begin on May 13th.  Teachers will explore how to intelligently sequence a vinyasa flow class, while tapping into their own authentic creativity.  We will explore creative movement, the use of mudras and a whole lotta playtime.  Early bird pricing ends April 15th.

advanced yoga teacher training cape town creative sequencing

In September, join us for a collaboration with Blossom & Bloom's Harriet Came for Prenatal & Props.  This training will explore prenatal anatomy and class sequencing. Teachers will learn effective use of props for both prenatal and vinyasa flow classes.  Early bird pricing ends August 15th.

prenatal and props advanced teacher training

In November, come geek out with us for Living Anatomy & the Art of Assisting. In this training, teachers will explore functional anatomy through the lens of asana alignment and get serious with hands on assisting. Early bird pricing ends October 15th.

anatomy and assisting advanced teacher training

And most exciting of all is our unique Mentorship Module.  This training can be completed anytime, and offers a personalized, one-on-one mentorship opportunity.  Participants will work directly with Unraveled owner, Maya Pratt, to complete a tailor-made 8 week program.  During this time, you will receive unlimited yoga at the studio, help hands on assist senior teachers in class, teach community classes at Unraveled, and focus on key areas of teaching growth.  This training is ideal for teachers at ALL levels who are interested in further developing their teaching skills.

advanced teacher training mentorship cape town

If you are interested in learning more about any of our trainings, please anytime.

We are so thankful to be part of the Cape Town yoga community, and even more excited for the opportunity to continue working, learning and growing with all of the amazing yoga instructors out there. 

Lots of training love,

The Unraveled Fam