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All The Things 2019

Dear Unravelers,

HAPPY 2019! We sincerely hope your holidays were filled with ALL the love and food....ours certainly were! So now we're ready to bring on ALL the yoga. Take it up a notch in February with our Challenge Month. Take 28 flows in the month of February and stand a chance to win more yoga (and other goodies) this year. Get to know your mat, your practice and fellow Unraveled yogis a bit more during this challenging and rewarding time. If you've got the itch and are ready to commit, email now or let us know next time you're in at the front desk, and get ready to flow in Feb baby!

yoga challenge month cape town 30 day challenge

If you haven't already heard, our next Advanced Teacher Training - Bhakti Module is coming up February 10-15th, 2019. In this module we will explore the tenants of bhakti yoga (yoga of devotion). Specifically, we will enter the world of yoga mythology through storytelling, yoga mantras through chanting and singing, and the anatomy of sound through various sound journeys. Our early bird pricing (R1,000 off) end tomorrow on January 15th so be sure to enroll today!

advanced teacher training yoga bhakti cape town

Here are some of the unique things we will do that you have to look forward to in this training:

  • Get down with Hanuman, Shiva, Saraswati, Krishna, Ganesh and more interesting characters as we explore the world of deities.

  • Learn some new mantras, their meanings, and how to lead a chant on the harmonium.

  • Raise your vibration through sound exploration and journeys.

  • Dissect the anatomy of sound and how vibration and sound waves play an integral role in our development.

  • Create new shapes and explore playful movement in the body.

  • Build your expanding teaching toolkit and add 50 hours toward your advanced teaching certification.

If you're in, easy peasy, click below to enroll today. If you need some more convincing, feel free to email us at anytime.

In other exciting news, we have added a new Yin class to the schedule on Mondays at 6pm, so give Yin a try to beat those Monday blues. If you have the luxury of time, 5pm Flow followed by 6pm Yin is a guaranteed win all around. Trust us.

Lastly, our 200 hour YA accredited teacher training is just around the corner and filling up! Click the poster below for more details and information or the button below to enroll. Early bird pricing ends February 1st, so now's the time to take a deep breath and jump right into the deep end. If you're interested in learning more about yoga and about yourself, trust us (yes again), you won't regret it.

200 hour vinyasa yoga teacher training

We look forward to taking 2019 by storm together. Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam

What's Better: Yoga or Mimosas?

Dear Unravelers,

It would be way too hard for us to choose between 2 such beautiful things, so we are combining them together for the end of Challenge Month!  Join us for a morning of flow, mimosas (or juice!) and some mingling with the coolest yogis around town on Saturday, June 30th.  Everyone is invited, whether you participated in the challenge or not, so grab a friend and help us crack the bubbly!  Yoga, bubbles and laughs are all included in normal package rates, just be sure to book with

yoga challenge month party cape town

If yoga and bubbles aren't exciting enough for you, there is more news to come! We are offering our first Beginner Series the last 2 Saturdays of June.  Join Kristen for a workshop series that will break down foundational shapes, basic breathing techniques, and answer ALL (or at least some) of those questions that are always dancing around your head. Am I doing this right? What the heck is chaturanga exactly? I'm really supposed to BREATH in this shape? Rainbow what?  Trust us: we got your back.  Newbies, oldies, and anyone looking for some alignment clarity and specific attention this is for YOU!

You are welcome to join one or both weekends, but they will build upon each other.  And by the way, Kristen is awesome. R250 for one or a steal of R400 for both.  Book with ASAP.

beginner yoga workshop series cape town

If you haven't been able to take advantage of our Winter Warmer Special, lucky for you there's still time.  Get in on 2 months of unlimited yoga for R1,100...they're going like hotcakes and will only be available for purchase until June 30th so don't miss out!

winter warmer yoga special deal cape town

Amazing work to everyone participating, and not participating in the Challenge Month.  Every day you get to your mat is a celebration, so let's continue the party and see you soon!

Lots of love,

The Unraveled Fam

PSSSST - have you heard about a little big thing called International Day of Yoga? It's coming up THIS Saturday and our very own Maya Pratt will be leading a mudra flow in the morning workshop.  The event is completely FREE, so nab some tickets through the link below:

international day of yoga free tickets cape town

June Boom👊

Dear Unravelers,

We are so ready for winter it's not even funny, so bring it on June! If you are too, join us for ALL of the upcoming excited things happening at this cozy spot on Bree.

First up is our Challenge Month.  Take 30 sweet flows in 30 days and stand a chance to win 1 month of unlimited yoga at the studio... oh, and there's a party to celebrate at the end of month. Do we need to say how amazing, strong, centered and supple you'll feel afterwards?  Or how fun it is to get involved with all the funky Cape Town yogis?  Stop thinking and just now to join.

june 2018 challenge month.jpg

The next best news happening in June is our WINTER WARMER SPECIAL - your chance to snag 2 months of unlimited yoga for only R1,100.  That is R550 per month for all the yoga you can handle.  Enough said!  Fine print: only valid for purchase from 1 June - 1 July and must be enacted within 30 days of purchase. Non refundable, non extendable and non transferrable (although very very giftable!).

winter warmer yoga special

New challenge, new special, so let's pile on some new classes!  Starting June 1st, Monday evenings will have a Warm Flow at 6:15pm and Wednesday mornings at 7am will bring a new and unique Unraveled lineup with Yoga DRILL.  This is a 45 minute inspired workout that's guaranteed to get you sweating and feeling ALL the places.  Developed by own very own Courtney, Yoga DRILL is a combination of flow and reps, designed to strengthen you for your favorite vinyasa poses.  Check out the DRILL major below. 👇👇👇  Note: Monday and Wednesday classes will replace current Budokon classes for the winter.

yoga DRILL cape town workout

But don't get too bummed Budokon fans!  While weekly classes won't be on the schedule this season, Budokon Primary and Secondary Series are hitting Unraveled starting THIS SATURDAY at 10:30am.  You may have seen Primary Series somewhere else, but Secondary Series is a new jam around town! R300 for a drop in or R500 for both.  Email us to book at

budokon primary series secondary series

Finally, come join Mikkie-dene Le Roux on Saturday, 9 June to move through a calming yin and sound sequence called Nada Yoga - an opportunity to connect to your breath and your voice using the subtle qualities of the chakras to resonate sound through the body and find oneness with mind, body and breath. Nada Yoga is the Yoga of Sound, and this class is an opportunity to discover how our sound assists in hushing the internal hustle and gives way to the sweet subtleties of silence and meditation. R200. Email to book.

nada yoga cape town sound journey.JPG

We can't wait to take on winter, boom through June and get some Yoga DRILL going with you this month.  We love having each and every one of you around and can't wait to get down dog with you soon!

Lots of love,

The Unraveled Fam

Holiday Schedule

Dear Unravelers,

It's hard to believe the holiday season has officially arrived and it's almost the end of 2017!  Be sure to get your yoga in over the next few weeks and stay tuned in to our holiday schedule below and online.  

If you still have some last minutes shopping to do - give the gift of yoga to your loved ones this year!  Gift certificates of all varieties (for classes and yoga kit) are available at the studio or by email anytime.

yoga holiday schedule cape town

Looking for a little kick in the New Year? Mark your calendars for our first Yoga Challenge Month in February. Join the challenge to unwind, unbind and completely come UNDONE by taking 1 yoga class each day during the month of February and stand a chance to win 1 free month of unlimited yoga. Email to get in on the action.

yoga month challenge february cape town

Take it up another notch next year and join us for a Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.  For those who have already completed a 200 hour training, re-inspire your practice and expand your teaching toolkit with a 50 hour Advanced Teacher Training Module in February.

We will take a deep dive into the history of yoga mythology and storytelling, power of mantra and sound, art of touch, and passion of all that is Bhakti Yoga. Early bird pricing ends January 15th so start planning today. Email for more information.

advanced yoga teacher training bhakti cape town

Not a teacher but interesting in becoming one?  Or just feeling that little itch to learn a bit more about yoga and about yourself?  Our Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training begins in March and is a unique opportunity to explore yoga history, philosophy, meditation, anatomy, practice teaching and much more.  Email for more details on this unique and bespoke opportunity.  Early bird pricing ends February 1st.

yoga teacher training 200 hour yoga alliance cape town

Thank you all for your presence and support in our new and growing space this year.  It has been a pleasure being a part of this community and we absolutely cannot wait to flow into a new year and explore new beginnings with you.  See you on the mat soon.

Much love,

The Unraveled Yoga Fam