Spring Sweetness

Dear Unravelers,

Spring is upon us and we have so many exciting and sweet new offerings and happenings just right for the season.  If you're new to the studio, enjoy 2 free weeks of unlimited yoga on us.  If you're more of a seasoned vet, bring in a new friend to Unraveled and receive 20% of your next monthly unlimited purchase.  Everybody wins :)

Exciting September happenings start next weekend with our very own Arm Balance FUNK on September 9th.  Richard will lead you in some unconventional inversions and arm balances to help you get down, dirty and funky on your mat. R300. Email info@unraveledyoga.com to book.

cape town yoga arm balancing workshop

Just after you get down and funky with Richard, treat yourself to RELAX, a workshop where you get to experience the connection between giving and receiving through yin yoga, therapeutic flying and thai massage with guest instructors Marissa Dana and Steve Roberts.  No partner is necessary and all levels of experience are welcome.  The best part - buy one and get one free if you sign up TODAY! R250. Email info@unraveledyoga.com today.

cape town yoga relax workshop yin yoga acro yoga thai massage

Still looking for more sweet deals? Help us Unravel the City and stand a chance to win a free month of unlimited yoga!  Here's how to play:

1. Visit us on 107 Bree Street and pick up your free Unraveled Yoga Sticker.
2. Get a picture of your sticker somewhere that unravels you.
3. Follow @unraveledyoga on instagram.
4. Post your picture with #unravelthecity and #getunraveled and tag @unraveledyoga.
5. The winner will be announced during October's First Urban Flow class.

We can't wait to see where you are inspired to get unraveled.  Good luck!

cape town yoga special unravel the city

In addition to these exciting treats, we have also added a new class to the schedule.  Advanced Flow is for intermediate to advanced practitioners looking for a little more yoga bite.  Come get some serious flow on every Monday at 530pm.

Finally, the theme we will explore this month is Sounds of September. Experience the healing and connective power of sound vibration through various forms of breathing, chanting and singing.  Come raise the vibration with us and get unraveled.  We hope to see you on the mat soon!

Much love,

The Unraveled Yoga Fam 

Arm Balance FUNK

Dear Unravelers,

Happy Monday :) We hope to start your week off just right with the exciting news that Richard-Dean Sumares is bringing Arm Balance Funk to Unraveled this September!  Get upside down and dirty with some unconventional inversions, arm balances and transitions.  This unique workshop is perfect for the arm balance novice looking to build their balance foundations and for the experienced yogi looking to add some funk to their flying!  R300. Spaces are limited so email info@unraveledyoga.com to book today.

cape town yoga vinyasa arm balance workshop

In other exciting news: you still have 1 more day to catch our early bird pricing for Teacher Training!  Now is the time to be the change you want to see, so take the plunge and join us for this transformative experience in September.

We will cover variety of topics including yoga history, anatomy, philosophy, meditation, practice teaching and a whole lot of kick your asana! But let's be clear - this training is for everyone. Whether you're interesting in become a yoga instructor (or not), need some time to invest in yourself, or just want to learn more about yoga...this training is for YOU! Email maya@unraveledyoga.com for more details.

cape town yoga teacher training vinyasa yoga

We look forward to flowing and getting funky with you for the rest of the month!


The Unraveled Fam

Asana in August & Back to Basics

Dear Unravelers,

Another winter month has gone by - hello August!  Continuing on the 8 limbed path of yoga, the next limb and this month's focus at the studio will be Asana in August.  In English, asana translates to posture or pose.  Join us at the studio this month to delve deeper into our understanding of specific yoga postures, their alignment, benefits and and the role asana plays in the greater landscape of our yoga journeys.  

What better way to kick off a month of asana than with our Back to Basics Workshop this Saturday?  Join Courtney on Saturday at 10:30am for a 90 minute workshop that will break down the alignment of basic yoga postures, breathing techniques and set you up for future yoga class success.  This workshop is perfect for the beginner to intermediate yogi, so grab your friend or partner and take it back to the basics! R200. Email info@unraveledyoga.com to book today - spaces are limited.

cape town yoga beginner basic workshop

In other exciting news - our schedule is expanding so you have more time to get unraveled with us!  Join us for a new Sunday 5pm Slow Flow class starting this month!  This is a smooth and west flow class that moves a touch slower to help you round out your weekend.  Check our schedule tab to stay updated on all classes.

We look forward to flowing with you soon.

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam

Warm Up With Niyamas in July

Dear Unravelers,

It seems that winter has arrived in full force!  To keep you and your yoga practice warm we have a limited Winter Special offering at the studio.  Available for purchase until July 15th - 2 months of unlimited yoga for only R1,300! Come on in and flow your way into Spring.

As me move into July, we will transition from learning about the yamas to delving deeper into the niyamas. The niyamas are the next layer of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga, and focus on building our internal landscape through strength and discipline. Together the yamas and niyamas help us create and maintain a positive environment for the body, mind and spirit. The niyamas are:

  • Saucha: purification and cleanliness
  • Santosha: contentment
  • Tapas: self-discipline
  • Svadhyaya: self-study
  • Ishvara Pranidhara: dedication and devotion

Also, back by popular demand, more Budokon Yoga! Join us for a 4 part Introductory Series with Ashlea Paddock starting next Wednesday, July 5th.  Spaces are limited so email info@unraveledyoga.com asap to book your spot.

cape town yoga budokon yoga vinyasa yoga best cape town yoga

Yoga for Kids is still going strong on Saturday mornings - come flow the 9am and drop your little ones off next door so everyone can play :)

cape town yoga vinyasa yoga yoga for kids kids yoga cape town

There is also still time to catch the early bird specials for both our 200 hour Teacher Training and our 50 hour Advanced Teacher Training.  Get ready to explore more about yoga and yourself during these uplifting, inspiring and FUN trainings.

Hope you continue to stay warm this season and looking forward to seeing you around the studio soon.

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam

Yamas in June

Dear Unravelers,

We can't believe how quickly Mudra May flew right by us!  We hope that you picked up some new pearls of wisdom and were able to have some fun with your hands.  As we move into June, we will begin to explore the yamas.  The yamas are part of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga, and outline 5 ethical guidelines to practice in your yoga journey.  The yamas are: 

  • Non-Harming (Ahimsa)
  • Truthfulness (Satya)
  • Non-Stealing (Asteya)
  • Moderating the Senses (Brahmacharya) 
  • Non-Possessiveness (Aparigraha)

Get ready to delve a little deeper into yoga history and philosophy in each class, and come by to learn more!  

To further your yoga journey and connect a little deeper to the Cape Town yoga community, we highly encourage you to check out Cape Town's very own International Day of Yoga on June 17th! See below for details and be sure to book your FREE ticket ahead of time.  We look forward to seeing you on and off that mat

Much love,

The Unraveled Fam

cape town yoga studio vinyasa yoga cape town

Kiddies, Budokon & More

Dear Unravelers,

It has been such a pleasure seeing new faces, getting to know familiar faces, and exploring new mudras with you this month.  Starting in June, we have even more exciting happenings around the studio we can't wait to share with you!

By popular demand, beginning June 3rd Unraveled will offer a weekly Yoga for Kids class on Saturdays at 9am in addition to the regular 9am Flow.  Bring your littles (ages 4-10 years) with you so the whole family can play!  Drop ins are R120, R100 for additional children, and packages will be available for purchase as well.  Email maya@unraveledyoga.com for more details and hope to see your family here soon!

Cape Town Yoga Kids Yoga Vinyasa

Also, coming at you this June - an Intro to Budokon Yoga Workshop with Ashlea Paddock.  Move through a fun yoga sequence that includes various forms of martial arts, and awaken your inner warrior and yogi!  Saturday, June 10th @10am. R200. Book with info@unraveledyoga.com.

Cape Town Yoga Budokon Yoga

As promised, we officially have more details about our upcoming 200 hour teacher training program.  If you're interested in delving deeper into your yoga practice, learning more about yourself, or are keen to teach yoga then this is the training for you!  Our 200 hour vinyasa training will explore yoga history, philosophy, anatomy, posture breakdowns, longer and more challenging practices, practice teaching and much more!  Email maya@unraveledyoga.com for more details.

Cape Town Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour yoga teacher

Thanks for all of your support in and around the studio.  We can't wait to flow with you and your families soon!

Much love,

The Unraveled Yoga Fam
(including Huckleberry)

Cape Town Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Best Yoga Studio Flow Yoga

May: Mudra Month

Dear Fellow Unravelers, 

Thank you so much for all of your support in and around the studio this month as we have started to find our own feet!  It has been an absolute pleasure flowing with each and every one of you, and we hope to continue to see you on the mat and around town.

If you haven’t already heard, May is Mudra Month at Unraveled.  A mudra is a hand (or body) gesture or seal that guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain. Each class this month will be dedicated to a specific mudra, so come around to learn more and get your hand jive on!

Watch this space for more details about our upcoming 200 hour Teacher Training in September, and for all other goodies happening at Unraveled Yoga. We look forward to seeing you soon again!


The Unraveled Yoga Fam