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Nada Yoga

Come join Mikkie-dene Le Roux on Saturday 9 June at Unraveled Yoga as we move through a calming yin and sound sequence . An opportunity to connect to your breath and your voice using the subtle qualities of the chakras to resonate sound through the body and find oneness with mind, body and breath.

Nada Yoga is the Yoga of Sound, it "works essentially with the transformation, restoration, and reconstitution of the energies of the soul through channels known as the Nadis- which are the subtle channels of the chakra system related to the soul’s infrastructure." [Russill Paul]

This class is an opportunity to discover how our sound assists in hushing the internal hustle and gives way to the sweet subtleties of silence and meditation. This cleansing practice also works to support grounding energy, shifting anxiety, and creates space for healing through the release of built up and stored emotions.

"Ascending and descending the musical scale simultaneously causes our awareness to ascend and descend through the spine, vibrating every cell along its path and activating groups of nerves that send healing impulses to the brain and the rest of the body" [Russill Paul]


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