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Nada Workshop

Nada Yoga, also known as the Yoga of Sound, dates back to the Vedic Texts and is considered to be the emanation of any tone, frequency, or vibration. It is a metaphysical system based on the belief that the cosmos and all that exists, consists of sound vibration.

The practice of Nada Yoga is said to be the most direct path for reconnecting the human being with the essence of their soul; creating harmony through the transformation and recalibration of vibration within the body.

This class aligns breath, posture, movement and sound through the framework of yin and vocal - toning.

Vocal-Toning is the steady release of vowel sounds moving through a range of notes allowing sound frequency to generate energy and resonate through the body. In ascending and descending the musical scale with our voices we equally bring awareness to the structure and length of the spine, vibrating every cell along its path and activating groups of nerves that send healing impulses to the brain and the rest of the body◇. In more detailed and traditional terminology this pathway of the spine is known as the Nadis through which our Prana (our life force energy) flows, and is associated with the nervous system as well as the chakras. It is through this practice of sound that we recalibrate and ignite our internal flow of life - and in which we come to learn the sacred value of our individual sound within the collective.

The meditative practice of vocal-toning and all variations of Nada Yoga as explained by Author and Musician Russill Paul is in identifying the many layers of silence, “The first level is the immediate backdrop that makes it possible to hear the sounds we hear. As we begin to listen to this silence we realise that we can only hear it because another backdrop exists behind it. In exploring these unfolding layers, we become, like Gibran, seekers of silence, with each level registering its own unique vibratory signal. The awakening of all our senses, including spiritual senses: intuition, spiritual vision and knowledge, awareness of life’s blessings, trust in divine providence, and the fullness of love, peace, and joy.”

For some the voice itself holds many fears and judgements about not being enough, for those of you who identify with not having a singing voice I strongly encourage you to dare to free your voice, and listen with the ear of the heart◇.

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