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Maya Pratt

Maya is the founder and owner of Unraveled and has been teaching yoga since 2009 when she completed her first teacher training course in New York City.  Since then, she has taught classes, led teacher trainings and managed yoga studios in both NYC and Cape Town. Continually inspired by the creative urban lifestyle, Maya hopes to share her love of movement and creativity with others.  


nena butler

Néna is a professional Actor and qualified Vinyasa Yoga instructor with a passion for helping people find more comfort, joy and connection on their yoga mat and in life. She was introduced to yoga as a teenager and since then her curiosity and love for the practice have blossomed. Through combining her expertise as yogi and performer she is passionate about sharing her yoga journey with others in a playful and relatable manner. She firmly believes that “yoga is for everybody and every body!” She looks forward to sharing her practice with you!

nena butler yoga teacher cape town flow vinyasa
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mikkie-dene le roux

Mikkie-dene completed her 200 hr Teacher Training with Maya Pratt at Unraveled Yoga in 2018. Although new to teaching, her yoga journey started in 2006 moving through various styles and forms. Now, Mikkie-dene is committed to creating classes with a strong intention on breath and movement, inviting students to cultivate compassionate relationships with themselves through their yoga practice.

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Courtney Lourandos

Courtney has a dancing background, and after more than 10 years of ballet, aerobic sport, and hip-hop dancing, she has transitioned to yoga. She’s been a trained teacher since 2014, and focuses on developing strong foundations, controlled movement and creative elements in her flow classes


Arlene de abreu

(Linky) started doing yoga in 2015 to complement her running. She completely fell in love with the way it made her feel, on a physical, spiritual and mental level & wanted to learn more. She did her teaching training in 2018 and her Mentorship, as well as Creative Sequencing Advanced Teacher Training under Maya. She is passionate about teaching and learning, as she is a qualified primary school teacher. She considers herself a life- long student & is always looking to learn more.

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amy toerien

Amy found yoga off a running injury in 2009, and first fell in love with the challenge and strength of the practise. She started teaching in 2014 after completing her Teacher Training in Cape Town and has since attended various Advanced Trainings to continuously grow in her own practise and teaching. She loves to create intelligent sequences that inspire students to get curious and have fun on their mats. 

kristen yoga teacher cape town vinyasa flow

kristen thompson

Kristen completed her teacher training in Cape Town in 2015 and has been flowin' around town ever since.  Kristen's classes offer a bit of playful fun in a supportive and compassionate environment, and will leave you feeling like you've been wrapped in a big warm blanket :)  Off the mat Kristen helps run our local partner organization Numeric (check our Community Flow tab to learn more!).


nikita stallbom

Nikita is one of Unraveled’s Yin yoga instructors. She is also a health coach and the founder of Intention Chocolates. Yoga opened up the path toward building a healthier relationship with her body. She believes that a yoga practice is one of the best ways to tap into the healing wisdom that resides within you. Find quiet, move, breathe and you will find the answers.

nikita stallbom yoga teacher cape town