What's The flow?

It’s time for you to unwind, unbind and get unraveled with our signature class – The Flow. The Flow is a creative and invigorating vinyasa based class for all levels. Get ready to move, sweat, and come undone…this class is 60 minutes of pure fun!

Warm Flow: Same same but set in a cozy warm room that is gently heated to help you get a movin' and a shakin'!

The Flow Express and The Flow +: Don't have time for a full hour during your weekday lunch?  Join us for The Flow Express - our signature class packed into 45 minutes to get you in and get you out midday. Alternatively, craving that extra little bit before you start your week?  Our Sunday Flow + is all the fun with an additional 15 minutes so you can truly unravel your entire week. 

The Flow Basics: If you're feeling intimidated or don't know where to start, check out The Flow Basics to slow it down and set yourself up for success! 

Slow Flow: A smooth and sweet flow geared down for a slower paced, more restorative practice.

Urban Flow: All The Flow goods set to bumpin' urban tunes.  Expect a playlist chock full of fun hip hop, R&B, funk and pop classics.

Yin Yoga: A very slow and gentle class where postures are held for several minutes and done sitting or lying down.  This one is a great way to wind down after all those sweaty flows!

Budokon Yoga: A trifecta of yoga, martial arts and meditation.  This class will guide through a series of movements that fuses the best of yoga and martial arts to bring out your inner yogi warrior.

Contemporary Dance: Feel the need to boogey down a bit more? That's right, we have contemporary dance classes just for YOU. Completely included in all yoga packages and available to all levels.  

Prenatal Yoga: Calling all mums-to-be to stop, stretch and reconnect. Enjoy a gentle class suitable throughout your pregnancy.  All prenatal classes must be pre-booked with harriet@bloomyoga.co.za

All bodies and all levels are welcome to all of our classes.